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Rebuilding Paradise: Education Summit Plans For Getting Kids Back To School

CHICO (CBS13) — The Butte County Office of Education held the Camp Fire Education Summit Wednesday morning at Pleasant Valley High School in Chico.

The purpose of the summit was to gather information and get a game plan rolling to get students back in some sort of school environment. The process will be a learning experience for all involved.

Principal Reiner Light is trying to be strong and answer questions for his students, many of whom are still traumatized by the fire that destroyed their homes, their schools, and their way of life.

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"They're still worried about missing assignments, I had a little girl stop me and wonder about her math assignment so they still haven't gotten their head down," Light said.

Counselor Alisa Johnsen said around 600 students are now spread out "all over the place" after the fire.

"One of my next jobs is to join other staff in calling kids, kid by kid, family by family, and ask if they're okay, how can we get you back into being educated," Johnsen said.

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Educators like Principal Light know they will be on the front lines when school resumes dealing with fear and anxiety.

"You have to keep them in mind and just kind of stay positive and stay strong for them. They kind of look to the adults, and as long as we look calm and we feel calm, they're calm," Light said.

The Butte County Office of Education said they will announce by Friday morning whether schools will be open by Nov. 26, the Monday following Thanksgiving break.

Education leaders said they will be working with the state legislature to ensure that all local districts' state funding will not be interrupted.

For updates from the office of education, families can visit their website.

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