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'Really An Insult': Grinch Seen Stealing Christmas Decoration While Laughing In Citrus Heights

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) - A Christmas display in Citrus Heights has become a family tradition over the last few years.  Jubilee Christensen and her husband are two disabled veterans who spend days on the massive setup every year.

"We have literally locals that come every year and take their family pictures here, people that come from San Francisco all the way up to Reno," said Christensen.

"She was screaming before we even got out of the car," said Josh Fornier.

The kids shout at the excitement of it all and they'll scream even more if you try to take them away from it. But in the middle of the intricate setup, something suddenly went missing.

"Somebody stole the reindeer, it was like that big," said Christensen's daughter, Kayden Johnson.

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A woman caught on Ring video doesn't have any green hairy skin, but she's definitely being dubbed the Grinch after stealing from the display. The video shows her giggling as she runs off with a large rare snowflake reindeer.

"But then to hear her laughing about it was really an insult. You think it's funny? You didn't just steal from us, you stole from the community," said Christensen.

"Oh that's bad. That's sad, that's really sad," said Don Dyer.

It may be sad, but it wasn't enough to steal the holiday spirit.

"That sucks. I mean these people have done so much to help us and for someone to do that, it's not good," said Josh Fornier.

Word got around and since then hundreds of people have offered support including money, gift cards and one even bought them another similar reindeer.

"We had one Grinch that tried to steal Christmas and far many more that have just overwhelmingly surpassed everything we could ask for. Just the Christmas spirit is alive," said Christensen.

The Citrus Heights Police Department's Youth Services also offered to replace the deer after Christensen filed a police report.  She says they don't want anyone to be charged or in trouble. They just want their family's favorite deer back.

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