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Rare Blue Heron May Be Looking For Love In Natomas

NATOMAS (CBS13) — A rare bird made a pit stop in Natomas on Tuesday and had bird watchers flocking to get a glimpse.

The blue heron was first spotted along the Yolo Bypass, but it's been hanging out in a tree off of Azevedo Drive and attracting dozens of bird watchers who want to catch a glimpse of its powder blue wings.

The bird is a rare sight in Northern California. Ed Whisler says in this 30 years of birdwatching he's never seen one here. He suspects the heron may have gotten off course from the rest of his flock and somehow ended up in the Sacramento area.

Even though he looks much different than other white cattle egrets he's now hanging out, Whisler says it's clear he's found a friend, which may be why he's sticking around.

"It kind of looks like he's courting a cattle egret, but she;s having none of it," he said. She keeps chasing him off. "It's the breeding season so he's probably geared to breed, but there's nobody of his kind here, so he's going after the blondes."

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