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Rare 1792 Penny Sells For Almost $2.6 Million

DALLAS (AP) - An experimental U.S. penny struck to test a design in 1792 sold for almost $2.6 million a day after another rare penny sold for $2.35 million at the same series of auctions at a collectors' convention.

Dallas-based Heritage Auctions said the 1792 coin sold Thursday for $2,585,000 to a California man. A Heritage official says the coin is called the "Birch cent" after engraver Robert Birch.

The official calls it the "finest" of only about 10 known surviving examples of the pennies struck to test a design depicting "Miss Liberty" surrounded by the words "Liberty Parent of Science & Industry." That motto wasn't adopted for circulating coins.

A U.S. penny from 1793 sold Wednesday for $2.35 million. It's known as a "chain cent" because of the design on the back.

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