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Couple Reunited After Suspected DUI Driver Crashed Into Home, Killing Loved One

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) - The cuts, bruises and casts aren't the only reminders of a horrific day for Daniel Williams and his wife Lorrie. The couple was watching football with family when the unthinkable happened.

Daniel Williams with his mother, Jan.

Ring cameras on the Williams' family home captured the scene of the crash mere seconds after the car careened into their living room.

"He was going so fast that by the time the capture aperture opened he was in my house," Daniel Williams said.

The car plowed into Daniel's baseball, San Francisco 49er and dog-loving mother, Jan, killing her.

"I wish she was here. I still wish I could have protected her better. I just miss her," Daniel Williams said. "It was almost surreal that my mom was gone."

The man the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office says was drunk and behind the wheel, Gary Circle, was also caught on the family's surveillance camera as he searched for one of the two kids that were inside the car at the time of the crash.

"In this day and age, to be that selfish and that mind-numbingly stupid to have children in your vehicle," Lorrie Williams said.

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"I don't know why anybody would do that; to endanger the children that were with him. It's selfish," Daniel Williams said.

On Wednesday, Daniel and Lorrie saw each other for the first time since the crash because they were taken to different hospitals.

Daniel was taken to UC Davis where he underwent surgery and had three titanium plates and 36 screws put in his chest to hold the bones in his chest in place. Lorrie was taken to Mercy San Juan to be treated for a broken back and traumatic brain injury.

"Once we saw each other, it was surreal because it's the same person," Lorrie Williams said. "But, we had both just been through 10 days of pure hell physically and emotionally."

The couple says they're forgiving people but this may be something they can't get past.

"He [Circle] did a horrible thing. A thoughtless, cruel, horrible thing. For no reason at all, he completely, like she was saying, destroyed aspects of our lives. He took my mother," Daniel Williams said.

Daniel said he and his family may not want to move back into the home after the crash. He also told CBS13 that the 49ers had sent him a care package on Thursday full of gear from the team.

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