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Racist Post Creates Fake 'No Black People Policy' At High School

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A racist message sent around to students at Rio Americano High School is now sparking outrage.

The message looks like it came from the Rio Americano website and calls for a "No Black People Policy." Now students are speaking out, saying this isn't what their school stands for.

They want to know who took the time to create this message, and why.

At first glance, the post looks like a Rio Americano High School bulletin. But the message is so vulgar, the language, so hateful, almost every other word is inappropriate to put in print.

"This is something that's not funny, It's something that should be taken seriously," said senior Jalen Taylor.

He isn't laughing at the post, and says he doesn't want to feel uncomfortable in class.

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The post creates a fake "policy" banning black students and promotes plans for violence against them.

"It's already hard enough going to a majority white school, and having to deal with some stuff like this, it's unacceptable," Taylor said

Students say the post looks like it came directly from their high school website, some even calling it sophisticated. But it's fairly easy to manipulate the website and replace it with graphics promoting anything, including hateful speech.

"It's a hard path to navigate to try to find the origin of that post," said Raj Rai with San Juan Unified.

District leaders tell us that's because the post never made it online, and there's no address to track it. But, it was shared through social media and text messages.

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It was parents that originally brought the post to the districts' attention.

"If there is something that's out there that is bothering people, that's making them feel unsafe, they need to bring that to the administration," said Rai.

But students tell us they're standing together against the message behind this post. They say, "no matter who you are at Rio Americano, you're family."

"It's very childish, there's no reason to do something like that," said senior Jacob Brewer.

"Who do you have the right to judge? Or be racist? You're no one," said senior Nayvy Tirado.

The district is investigating, alongside the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office.

Here is the statement from the Sheriff's Office:

"Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies are investigating reports of a doctored image sent to students at Rio Americano High School with racially targeted speech. The Sheriff's Office has shared this information with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who is conducting a concurrent investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident."

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