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First-Grader With Cystic Fibrosis Becomes A Queen For A Day

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Make-A-Wish Foundation celebrated a very special little girl with an experience fit for a queen Friday.

The joyful Juliana shall henceforth be known as her royal highness. You may now call her "your majesty."

Seven-year-old Juliana Atkins is battling cystic fibrosis and on Friday her wish of becoming a queen for the day was granted.

atkins family
The Atkins family.

"Queens are really pretty and I love their dresses," she said.

Thanks to Macy's and Make-A-Wish, Juliana's start to queendom was nothing short of momentous. Her morning started with a royal arrival at DOCO where she picked out a coronation gown.

"It's really pretty and I love the jacket because it's really soft," she said.

After finding her royal attire, the first-grader was escorted to her throne where she was officially crowned. For her parents, the moment was emotional, yet joyful.

"She definitely has the queen mentality at home and she runs everything so she's been looking forward to this so much," Juliana's mother said.

queen j
Queen Juliana

"It just makes me happy to see her happy. That's all I hope for is to see her happy," her father said.

And with a big happy smile hidden behind a purple mask, Juliana's duties as queen officially begun. Her first royal duty was to open the store Friday. And before being whisked away like a true queen to enjoy the rest of her day, Juliana made a pit stop to drop off a few letters to Santa.

Juliana's wish was a dream come true!


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