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Quarry Park Adventures Set to Open This Weekend After Months of Delays

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Quarry Park Adventures is finally opening to the public this weekend. But locals say they've heard that promise before only to be disappointed. The park was originally scheduled to open this past summer but kept running into roadblocks.

"The big question is 'when will it open!'" said Sharon Spirlong, who lives in Rocklin. "It just keeps getting delayed!"

The park has been in the works for years at the site of the old Quarry in downtown Rocklin.

"It has been a long time coming. 164 years actually," said David Busch, President of Quarry Park Adventures. "It's the only park of its kind!"

Busch explained the main reason for the delay was meeting certain regulations. He told CBS13 it took more time than anticipated to work with engineers and the city to meet specific safety regulations.

"Who knew that this granite would be so incredibly hard to work with?" he said. "It's like really unique so there's not a book written on this."

But Rocklin locals like Spirlong aren't so sure the park is a sound investment for the city.

"They keep asking for more money because they keep running into roadblocks," she said. "It's a big hole in the ground that they're throwing money in."

Busch said the delay was worth it to keep the guests safe.

Good news for families who bought season passes for 2018: Due to the delay, the park has decided to honor those throughout 2019. The park opens Saturday at 10am to the public and daily tickets are on sale starting Wednesday.

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