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Puppies And Coloring Books For College Finals Raise Concerns

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - It's a stressful time for college students with finals looming at American River College and some are coloring outside the lines for therapy.

Puppies are lending paws to de-stress and an adult coloring book program will soon be at their finger tips.

"When you're coloring it sends you back to a more simpler mindset, so it is really stress relieving to sit and draw and color," said Aaron Austin, a student at ARC.

But others believe this form of what some call juvenile program it's creating a real problem.

"I do have a concern with bringing these things on campus because I think we have a tendency to baby college students," said Benjamin Uchytil who is also a student at ARC.

Uchytil is back in school for his masters degree and said students need to learn to cope like adults.

"The world does not come to an end because you did not get what you want," she said.

American River College is willing to try colorful tools.

"Stress is real and some students are looking for ways to manage that stress, so we're trying to be creative and flexible in a way that helps to manage that stress so they can succeed," said Scott Crow, a spokesman for ARC.

Puppy time at Sac State was a big hit. Students are happy it's coming to ARC.

"We definitely need puppies on campus, even coloring honestly," said Kendall Long who is also a student at ARC.

A major concern though, the cost.

ARC said the coloring books and crayons will all be donated. Teachers have donated their time outside of school hours as well and it will not come out of taxpayers pockets.

As for the puppies, their four legged companionship is free, provided by the SPCA.

"We are just trying to go to school to do better in the world, so why not help them the best we can," said Long.

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