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Pregnant Woman Admits Boyfriend Punched Her Stomach Repeatedly To Kill Baby

KERN COUNTY (CBS13) - A pregnant California woman had her boyfriend punch herself in the stomach several times in order to kill her baby, say police.

When the man and woman arrived at a Kern County hospital in May, the woman had bruises on her stomach, according to CBS affiliate WGCL-TV. The woman, who was 30 weeks along at the time, and said the injuries happened while she was mopping.

When doctors removed the fetus from her abdomen, they found it had a fractured skull as well as other injuries that led to her death, according to the police affadavit.

Police arrived at the hospital and questioned the woman who reportedly confessed that her boyfriend punched her stomach 10 times until she stopped feeling the baby move -- something the boyfriend denies.

California law allows mothers to have an abortion up to 24-26 weeks into a pregnancy, or longer if a mother's health is in jeopardy.

Until the coroner's report is completed, no charges will be filed against the couple.

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