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Solano County Neighbors Prepare To Be Powerless For Planned PSPS Outages During Fire Threat

VACAVILLE (CBS13) - People in parts of Vacaville will be powerless Monday as PG&E begins turning off power for safety due to an anticipated wind event.

Amy Thorstad is making sure she has what she needs, like flashlights.

"We also have bottled water in the garage, lots of canned food so I have like the food, but I'm worried about the refrigerator," she said.

Still on her list is a generator. Her neighbor Ann Van Mellaert checked to make sure her generator works and has already consolidated her refrigerator.

"Usually check the generator we do a little test run make sure it's starting up right, and it did," she explained.

Fire crews are bracing for what is known as the most devastating time of year for fires because of whipping winds.

"You never know here—the winds, the weather changes just like that," said Van Mellaert.

The conditions combined with extremely dry vegetation can create a recipe for destruction.

PG&E spent the weekend dropping off fliers and notifying people about shutoffs that are meant to reduce the risk of fires from energized power lines.

Amy thinks back to the Tubbs fire that sparked in October of 2017 while she also continues checking off her to do list. Keeping in mind everything she has to do to prepare, like buying a generator, she keeps other neighbors who may need a little extra help in mind.

"We need to have a plan in place for the elderly," she said.

PG&E says it anticipates restoration to begin Tuesday afternoon.

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