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Police Release Photos Of Person Of Interest In Sacramento Prowler Cases

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police have released photos of a person of interest in prowler incidents in the Midtown and East Sacramento area.

Prowler person of interest
The person of interest in a number of prowler incidents in the Sacramento area. (credit: Sacramento Police Department)

Sacramento police say the first incident was reported last fall and at least three similar incidents have been reported. In addition to the investigation into the cases, the police department has increased uniformed patrols in the areas where the prowling has been reported.

Over the weekend, several women shared their stories hoping to send a warning to other women to be on alert.

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Our coverage prompted one CBS13 viewer to call us wondering if it's the East Sacramento panty prowler we reported on almost exactly one year ago. A woman found that suspect in her room wearing nothing but women's underwear and touching himself, but he escaped and was never caught.

For the women already targeted by the serial prowler, the decision to release the photo Monday helps validate their stories. But some fear police may have the wrong guy.

"This guy is a huge threat to the community," Lindsey Lee said.

Lee captured the prowler on a security camera. She says while his nose looks similar to the person of interest police released photos of, she's not sure it's the right guy.

"Facial hair is very different and his ears are very different. His hat, we've not seen him wear a hat like that at all. He wears black and gray. When he's not wearing those, he's wearing red and white," Lee said.

Elicia Alvarado says a peeping Tom started targeting her last August, looking through her bathroom window and breaking into her apartment.

"I do feel that it's the same person," Elicia Alvarado said. "Since I saw his face from probably the middle to his nose bridge to his forehead it just looks like the same person, dark eyes, lighter skin, and you can see that he kind of has a prominent nose."

Police say the person of interest could be responsible for more than a dozen incidents, targeting women in Sacramento.

"Nobody should feel uncomfortable or unsafe in their own home," Alvarado said.

While both women say they've taken more security measures around their apartments, they're hopeful the images police released will help crack the case.

"That's all that I want, justice for me and all of the other victims," Alvarado said.

Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to contact the Sacramento Police Department or 911 in an emergency. Anonymous tips can be made through Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at 916-443-4357.

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