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Protected Bikeways Now Being Installed in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - New parking protected bikeways are being installed in Downtown Sacramento.

Lanes are being reconfigured and striped on P Street from 9th to 15th, Q Street from 9th to 15th, and 10th Street from Q to I.

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Once completed in Mid-May, the bike lanes will be next to the curb. The parking lanes will then be out in the street and will serve as a buffer zone between bicyclists and cars. The parking protected bikeways will also help pedestrians since there will be fewer lanes of traffic to cross.

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bike safety chart
Credit: City of Sacramento

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The safety improvements are being made as part of Sacramento's Vision Zero Program. That program was adopted by City Council in January 2017 with the goal to "work collaboratively in a data-driven effort to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2027."

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