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Proposition 64: Legal Recreational Marijuana Raises Concerns For Medical Pot Grows

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — One of the many provisions of Proposition 64, which legalizes recreational marijuana use among other things, is the ability to grow the plant in your home.

It's a part of the law that has some worried about the future of medical marijuana grows and police concerned about enforcement.

"You can't just throw it in a pot and throw some miracle grow on it," said Kevai Floyd. She grows medicinal marijuana as a caregiver.

"Cannabis is a flower so we're trying to grow the best flower," said Floyd.

She provides for patients and herself.

"There is a huge learning curve when it comes to growing cannabis," said Floyd.

While medical growers like Floyd have operated for year, Prop. 64 now allows any adult over 21 to get in the growing game no matter their motives.

People can legally have six plants for personal use. The plants must be kept out of the public eye and away from children.

"I think you're going to see some challenges for law enforcement," said John McGinness, a former Sacramento County Sheriff.

He says people can abuse the system by growing more than they're allowed and making illegal sales.

"I think we've created a very confusing and difficult time and condition to master," said McGinness.

Law enforcement in Colorado have struggled with the home grow issue since legalizing recreational marijuana 4 years ago.

"We did not know what those challenges were when this legalization started," said John Jackson, the Greenwood Village Colorado Police Chief.

In September, CBS13 traveled to Colorado and spoke with Jackson.

"This is a picture of the plants as they grow up through the provided support," said Jackson, pointing out a picture of a large illegal home grow.

He says his department is working overtime trying to enforce the cloudy home grow laws in his state.

"These home grows are out of control in all parts of the state," said Jackson.

"We watched and saw it happen to us," said Andrew Freedman, the Director of Marijuana Coordination in Colorado.

He says the state needs to take another look at it's home grow clause and tweak it.

"We have pretty loose laws for home grows and people are abusing that system," said Freedman.

Law enforcement and medical growers say California may need to do the same.

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