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Proposed Elk Grove Business May Want To Reconsider Name

ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Just off busy Elk Grove Boulevard sits an empty storefront that's filled with intrigue and mystery.

What if I told you a Bay Area man wants to open up a business in this Elk Grove shopping center – and he plans to call it "Ricky's Escorts"?

"What is it, like a strip club or something?" said one Elk Grove resident.

The name has sparked a firestorm someone who calls himself "oldtimer." He had some choice words printed in the Elk Grove paper:

"The mayor wanted his destination city, so here we go. Our first escort service. We're really stepping up."

And we had to step in to get some answers. "Ricky's Escorts"? What kind of reflection would that have on the family-friendly city of Elk Grove?

Some say it would be welcome.

"I would say ... It's okay," one resident said.

Now, this is no April Fool's joke. We're told this area has lots of people with needs, looking for someone who can "move them" from here to there. Get your mind out o the gutter, people. Ricky's Escorts is a proposed car transportation business.

"I could see how it could come in handy ... There are a lot of people who live in this area who area senior citizens that rely on other people for rides," another resident said.

Good point, but that name?

The Princess Bride I do not think it means what you think it means by jkman999 on YouTube

"Well, it's catchy."

We tried to contact "Ricky" about his new venture to offer a few name suggestions: "Ricky's Rides" or "Ricky's Round-a-bout" among them. There has been no word if he's received that message just yet.

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