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Program Helps Connect At-Risk Kids With A Better Path

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Executives from across the country are taking their experiences from the private sector to local governments – all in an effort to help improve cities.

It's part of a program run by a Bay Area non-profit organization.

Mayor Michael Tubbs is helping bring the program to Stockton, hoping to make the city a place where everyone can succeed.
Over the next year, fellows with the Fuse Corps program will have their hands full as they work to improve the City of Stockton.

"Everything about Stockton has impressed me from the people that have been very welcoming and sort of willing to give me their time and let me listen to what they are working on," said Ann Rogan, a fellow with the program.

Rogan who has founded two companies, one in renewables and the other in 3D printing is working on a program that will provide residents in Stockton with skills to secure high-quality jobs.

"Recognizing that technology and automation plays a really important part in that and so we're trying to do is to make sure that we understand the needs of the community first and make sure we can support existing stakeholders and institutions that are working on workforce development," she said.

Fuse fellow, Jason Weiner is working on "Stockton Promise," an educational program that connects at-risk kids to post-secondary opportunities.

"We know that 60 percent of jobs in this country and in the future are going to require some level of after high school education, college education, career tech education and in Stockton there are many fewer percentage than that that have that kind of education," he said.

Fuse Corps, is a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. It offers executives nationwide a chance to partner with local governments.

"For me, I think I've been really, really impressed and gotten a lot of energy from the amount of leadership that is coming here, the amount of people who are really want to improve their city and really want to make it a place where everyone can succeed," said Weiner.

Stipends are awarded to the executives as part of the program to help support their work. By the end of next year, the fellows hope to have programs in place that will improve the city as a whole.

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