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Professional Cuddling Service Opens Its Arms To Customers In Roseville

ROSEVILLE, Calif. (CBS13) — Roseville will be home to a professional cuddler who insists her hugs are good for your health.

Cuddle Connection will open on Wednesday and has five different cuddle zones. Owner Kelly Peterson says she wants her clients to feel like they've spent a day at the spa.

"We want to change the way people think about touch," she said.

Peterson believes in the power of human touch so much that she's making a living by selling snuggles.

Cuddle Connection at 151 North Sunrise Ave. is the first business of its kind in the area. It's one of a few, Peterson says, offering cuddles in a retail space instead of a home.

She says cuddling means connecting with another human being, and that is what people are paying for when they go here.

"A cuddle is like a prolonged hug," she said.

Faviola Rodriguez is one of Kelly's professional cuddlers who believes hugs are healing.

"I think first and foremost, people are going to walk away with a better feeling of themselves," she said.

But other so-called professional cuddlers in other states have experienced criticism. A Wisconsin snuggle business shut down after city leaders suspected snuggling could lead to sex.

But Peterson says her business is strictly nonsexual. Every cuddle zone is open and visible and will have cameras.

She says she's thought of every scenario, even if a man seems to really enjoy his cuddling.

"Let them know it's OK, if they get embarrassed it happens," she said. "Let's readjust, let's take the focus off of that."

Snuggling, hand-holding, embracing, who knows? Cuddling with a stranger could do a body good.

Customers can pick their own cuddler and their cuddle room.

A half-hour session costs $29 and $49 for an hour-long session.

And yes, you can talk during the session.

Following our story, Good Day Sacramento reporter Cambi Brown went to the business to try it out for herself.

Cambi demonstrated some of the positions available on the cuddling menu in the following photos.

"Little Spoon"
"Big Spoon"
"Half Spoon"
"Hug You Into Happiness"

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