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President Biden set for week-long stay in Tahoe

President Biden to stay in Tahoe for a week
President Biden to stay in Tahoe for a week 02:24

TAHOE — President Biden is set to take in Lake Tahoe for a week. The White House won't say what exactly President Biden's extended stay there will include, but the clues are coming together.

The White House confirms he is staying on the Nevada state side of the lake. 

The Nevada Globe is reporting he will be staying at the Incline Village Hyatt Regency, where secret service agents have been spotted. 

People there are preparing for Biden watch. 

"You have to, I mean, it's the president and if he's coming to the area, you got to be on the lookout, and if you see him, you're lucky, right?" Olson said. 

Another possible Biden home base is the gated community of Glenbrook, Nevada, which is home to some of Tahoe's richest residents. 

At the Truckee-Tahoe airport, pilots are being alerted to temporary flight restrictions around Glenbrook. The message was just posted at the airport operations center. The restrictions last from August 18-26. 

The Federal Aviation Administration alert shows no flights will be allowed within 10 miles of the president during this Tahoe trip.

"So when the President of the United States decides to spend a full week in Lake Tahoe, what do you make of that?" CBS13's Steve Large asked Tahoe Prosperity Center CEO Heidi Hill Drum.

"I think it's awesome," Drum said. 

Biden's visit comes after Lake Tahoe was listed on Fodor's travel guides 2023 list of places tourists should not visit because of too much traffic threatening the environment.

Drum's message is more inviting. Hoping Biden's visit will shine a light on what some perceive as Tahoe's tourism trouble.  

"Tahoe needed a pause from tourism we saw during the pandemic and right after the pandemic," Drum said. "Three years later, summer of 2023, we've seen that balance shift."

This world-renowned vacation destination and natural treasure will, for the next week, also be President Biden's backyard. 

This is the first time a president has visited Lake Tahoe since 2016, when Barack Obama came to speak about climate change at the Lake Tahoe Summit.

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