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Poll: Millennials Would Take Pay Cut If They Could Work With Their Dog

SACRAMENTO (CBS) — When you factor in the free range, locally sourced chow, the fancy leash, and the expensive doggie daycare it's easy to see how most dog owners truly consider their four-legged friend a part of the family.

"He is my family. He's my baby," says one pet owner,

It's no wonder many dog owners would sacrifice part of their livelihoods to bring their pet to work.

A recent poll shows some seven out of 10 millennials would take a pay cut, landing a job with a smaller salary, if they could work side by tail with Fido.

The poll also found that one in five people surveyed would even opt for a 20 percent cut in pay.

Other's disagree, saying that it added up.

Dr. Peter Cappelli is the director of the Center of Human Resources at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business. He says there have been some examples of large companies offering space for furry friends but he doesn't expect the policy to expand.

"There is liability. That's for sure. I think that's why some companies did not embrace child care," explains Dr. Cappelli.

He believes employers simply don't want to deal with HR issues involving John from accounting and that bloodhound from the payroll.

"I don't think employers want to be the homeroom monitors on this and decide who's dog can come in and who's can't," he adds.

But those who already work between barks say the benefits far outweigh any problems.

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