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Police: Student Rushes Into Sac State Class, Tries To Steal Final Exam

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS13) - Police investigators say a student ran into a classroom and tried to steal a final exam, but not before a professor helped take him down.

Police were called out to Sac State campus when a final exam turned into a foot chase.

It was a fiasco during finals week at Sac State. While some students cram in a final week of courses, one student and his accomplice allegedly cooked up a plan that had cops investigating.

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"It's kind of unusual," said Sac State Police Department Chief Mark Iwasa.

Police responded to Brighton Hall on a report a thief ran into a classroom during a final test and stole a copy "apparently right from underneath a student that was taking an exam and ran off with it," said Iwasa.

Spiros Velianitis, professor of the class, "Management Information Systems", ran after the finals thief and caught him, then called officers who detained the student.

"Either my exams are so popular that other students crash my tests or these exams are passed (or) sold to others. It is possible that this is not an isolated incident," Velianitis told the State Hornet newspaper.

Police determined the student who stole the test had a getaway car waiting. It turns out his getaway driver was allegedly a student in the professor's class.

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Student Chris Kennedy is also enrolled in the class. He said he took the final and it wasn't hard.

"It's not a hard class at all," he said. "MIS is not hard at all, it's just simple questions...questions are multiple choice," he added.

Police say they have chosen not to recommend charges. Instead, the student council will determine how to discipline the student.

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