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Gun Battle Ensues As Man Fights Off Home Invaders, Kills 1

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Bullets flew during a deadly home invasion robbery as a homeowner traded shots with several suspects.

A suspect was caught and cuffed in connection with the deadly home invasion robbery. Police say the homeowner was rushed to the hospital after trading shots with several suspects and killing one of them.

"I thought someone was banging real hard on my garage door," neighbor Pat Markofer said.

That banging would be bullets hitting her home and truck as a shootout took place on her normally quiet pocket area street.

"I heard yelling and screaming at the same time, and I heard more shots," she said.

Police say around 3:30 a.m. Saturday, armed suspects burst into a home on Haven Court, trying to rob those inside. Instead, one of the homeowners would grab a gun, and after an exchange of gunfire, the homeowner and two suspects would be wounded, while another suspect was shot dead.

"There was a young man, he's just dead, just gone," said Markofer.

That man would collapse and die right in front of Markofer's home.

Some neighbors are still fearful to show their face on camera.

"There's a dozen kids in this court, easy. So that's what's scary," said one neighbor.

In fact, neighbors tell CBS13 there were children inside the home at the time of the robbery.

"My goodness, his children, they had to wait until daylight to take him out of the court," said Markofer.

For Markofer, it's a depressing scenario that played out before in a time of year that's supposed to be jolly.

"It was just awful for everyone. There's no positive thing for this at all," she said.

Police will not say exactly what those suspects wanted from inside the home, and whether or not the home was picked at random or was targeted.

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