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Police Raid Stockton Business They Say Used For Illegal Gambling

STOCKTON (CBS13) - Local and state investigators raided a Stockton strip mall on Monday, busting up what they call an illegal gambling operation. They also said they found weapons and drugs.

State and local officers converged on "D Cyber Lounge." Cops call it an illegal Internet gambling hot spot turned trouble spot in the east Stockton strip mall.

"We've had complaints of prostitution, drug dealing and actually loan sharking from the business," Officer Joe Silva said.

It's been open seven days a week. Undercover officers spent the last six months investigating.

They believe the owner, Demario Burley, made about $25,000 a week running the illegal operation.

Neighbors knew something wasn't right.

"I didn't know why the didn't do it sooner," Gene Hollingsworth. "There was a lot of bad looking people hanging out here. You can see all the garbage, making the neighborhood look pretty bad."

About an hour into the raid, police cuffed an employee who showed up to open shop. After a short search of his van, officers found a weapon and a stash of drugs.

"Just looking at them briefly, they look like they are packaged for sale," Silva said.

Officers also found a loaded handgun behind the cashier's window.

We watched more than a half dozen people pay a visit to the gambling room during the bust. They left after seeing police and news cameras.

The owner of the hair salon next door said he had checked out the place and noticed people paying slot machine computer games. Officers confiscated about 30 computers from the business.

He's relieved officers shut down the operation.

"It's not good for my business," Paul Tren said.

The owner, Burley, was arrested at his Lathrop home. He faces a long list of charges.

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