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Police, Protesters Looking To Forge Understanding After Dallas Shootings

VACAVILLE (CBS13) Local law enforcement leaders are reacting to the violence this past week. Vacaville Police Chief John Carli shared his unique perspective after attending a meeting in Washington DC.

The meeting at the White House with 40 other chiefs from across the country centered on 21st century policing.

The last presidential report on reform in American law enforcement was in 1967. President Barack Obama commissioned a report two years ago to review police practices and offer suggestions and recommendations to improve community relations.

The conversations in D.C. happening while the county spun into chaos.

"The first reaction for me was very emotional it creates a sense of righteous anger when you see that," said Carli speaking about the shooting of police officers in Dallas, Texas.

Carli watched from the sky while returning home from Washington.

Hours earlier, he had been talking with other police chiefs about Alton Sterling and Philando Castillo who were killed at the hands of police.

"It doesn't make it right or wrong how you feel but it does stir up emotions," said Carli, "I'm careful not to judge on a few seconds of video."

The chain of events, the explosive situations and police response are prime examples that ignited passionate discussion among law enforcement leaders.

"How can we influence people in a positive way and have a positive experiences?"

Carli left the meeting with more than 60 recommendations to improve police practices.

"You do that by getting out of your car and getting to know people," said Carli, "being human and showing the human side separate from the uniform."

It's a step that Kevin Carter, says is in the right direction.

"Each African-American person has a character and a personality and it can be talked to," said Carter, "it has to be addressed and approached in the right manner."

He's a local activist who supported a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest at the Sacramento Capitol Friday night.

"We're at a pivotal moment," said Carter, "in our history and the history of police violence."

Scars and wounds that have torn trust apart. How will it mend?

"If a community doesn't give you legitimacy because you don't have the trust then you've failed," said Carli. Adding that it's "going to take time."

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