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Showdown Between Homeless Protesters And Police Continues At Sacramento City Hall

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Police in Sacramento handed out notices about the city's anti-urban camping ordinance on Friday. The notices say that property will be removed and booked into evidence for safe keeping.

Homeless protesters say they have no plans to leave and are fighting for their right to rest, but claim their sleep at city hall is anything but peaceful with police waking them six to seven times a night.

"You don't know if they're going to show up when they say they will. You don't know if they're going to show up at midnight when the news is gone," said James "Faygo" Clark, a homeless protester. "I've been roughed-up twice and there's no reason for it. I was in the National Guard and had riot control training. It was above and beyond," said protester David Andre.

"We always have anxiety, we always feel a little bit of paranoia, like when are they going to come around the corner and how long can we actually get away with sleeping," said protester Barry Masteller. "This is really about rest and not having the resources to us."

Police say they are monitoring the situation to make sure it remains peaceful. If it does, no one will be arrested, they say. They have issued several warnings for the protesters to leave public areas. The city says camping is banned out of concerns for public health.

A video claiming to be from computer hacking group "Anonymous" was posted Thursday. In it, a masked spokesperson says the city and protesters have 60 days to reach an agreement on the city's "do not rest" policy.

Protesters say since the video surfaced, police have treated them better.

The man says if the group's request is ignored, they will "bring the formidable talent of Anonymous to your city."

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