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Police: Airman Was Not Victim Of Crime In Sacramento

JACKSON (CBS13) — There's speculation that a U.S. airman who was found apparently confused and lying in an Amador County ditch, may not be telling the truth.

Keith Keiffer was found near a road in Pine Grove last week, claiming he had a serious head injury and could not remember his name. He was identified after Jackson police posted his picture on Facebook.

Keiffer reportedly told police he was the victim of a serious crime in Sacramento, but after multiple interviews with Sacramento police, they say that's not true.

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The Jackson Police Chief Chris Mynderup claims he thought Keiffer's story was far-fetched from the beginning. He said his department and Sacramento PD did their due diligence to investigate but, "we kinda knew what the outcome was going to be." His full statement is below:

"As for Mr. Keiffer, yes we thought his story was a little far fetched.  His lack of injuries just didn't match his story of being kidnapped, hit in the head several times, and left to die in a ditch.  We gave him every opportunity to change his story but he stayed the course.  We and Sac PD did our due diligence to investigate, but we kinda knew what the outcome was going to be. I'm sure there's more to the story involving Mr. Keiffer, his wife and the Air Force," Chief Mynderup said.

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