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Dog Who Kept Watch Over Owner Found Dead In Snow Finds New Family

PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — A dog who stayed with his master until the very end now has a new beginning.

The pup affectionately known as Baby Dog has a new lease on life.

"I think we're going to go with a bright blue leash," said Lisa Lomeli.

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Lomeli and her husband, Laurence, picked out what they would need with their new-found friend.

"What an amazing dog," she said.

The cattle dog who stayed two days in the snow with his owner David Deshon until Placer County rescuers found his body is a story that won't soon be forgotten.

"Baby Dog stayed with him on his chest to keep him warm," said David's daughter Shona.

As Shona grieved the loss of her father, she realized she just couldn't care for Baby Dog with her busy work schedule. She wanted more for him and the dog's companion, Buddy, who was also picked up by Placer Animal Services.

The dogs' story garnered international attention.

"We actually had calls from people all over the world," said Katie Ingram with Placer County Animal Services.

A donor from Ohio paid for the adoption fees and supplies for both dogs.

"I had told her this is like a perfect story," said Lisa Lomeli, Shona's neighbor. "My mom has been going through cancer for a year and is just finishing up chemo and lost her lab a year ago and is very lonely."

Lomeli knew her mother wanted a companion but didn't have the energy to find one.

"My Mom said to me, 'I said a prayer and I know I'm supposed to have another dog. That dog will find me,'" Lomeli said.

Baby Dog lit up as he rode in the car to his new home in Concord, not knowing what a treat he was in for.

"He will be so spoiled. There will be no other dogs in the house," Lomeli said.

baby dog and owners
(credit: Lisa Lomeli)

Placer Animal Services hopes the attention this story gets will give other animals a fighting chance.

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"Not just picking up stray animals but providing needed surgery, food, bedding [and] supplies to help pets stay in their homes," said Ingram.

For now, Buddy hopes he'll get to be top dog somewhere else as well.

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