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American Isolation: Art Council Of Placer County Hosts Virtual Talent Show

PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) - When you can't leave your home, sometimes you've got to get creative, right?  An art-based organization in Placer County wants to see your talents with a new stay-at-home talent show.

Armand Munoz, 11, already thought he was a winner when he tackled the task of learning Bohemian Rhapsody on the piano.

"That's my biggest accomplishment on the piano," Munoz said. "It's 6 minutes. It's monstrous."

Little did he know the aspiring star would become the first winner of the Art Council of Placer County's virtual talent show. He often puts his talents out online for people to see on Instagram.

"We didn't throw my name in to see if we could win," Munoz said. "We just thought it would be something fun we can do."

The art council hopes to showcase dozens of hidden talents around the community. There are sounds of the symphony, eclectic metal covers of notable 80s pop music, and short films, like Ron Nabity's comedic take on isolation.

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"See if we can lighten the stress a little bit from what we're going through," Nabity said. He said this is a time where people can cherish art and creativity the most.

"If we can all use creativity to tell our stories, we all get a better view for what we're going through," Nabity said.

All of this talent has a far reach, too. Art Council of Placer County executive director Jim Crosthwaite said it's open to all, and that means more than just the county.

"The virus doesn't know any boundaries so we're not going to know any boundaries," Crosthwaite said.

It's a way to feature the shining stars and hearts of the community. People can enter on the organization's website.

Winners of the talent show each week get a gift card to a local restaurant or small business of their choice, as a way to push local business. Announcements on winners are made every Friday.

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