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Sheriff: Children In Home During Loomis Shooting

LOOMIS (CBS13) — A man and a woman were removed from a Loomis home Tuesday night, both suffering from gunshot wounds. 

Placer County detectives remained on the scene through the night, investigating what happened in the home on Thornwood Drive. 

Two children were reportedly in the house when shots were fired. Both are okay and in protective custody, but the man and woman involved are undergoing emergency surgery. 

According to Sgt. Jason Doolittle, dispatch received a 911 call around 5:10 p.m., and heard what sounded like a dispute in the background with someone screaming. Deputies responded within five minutes to the quiet Loomis neighborhood. 

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As deputies raced into the neighborhood, concerned neighbors wondered what was going on. 

"We saw the police pull up on all sides of the block I told my daughter 'Lock the doors' because I wasn't sure what was happening," said Jesse Allan. 

Police say the shots fired came from inside the house and lead to the injuries. Deputies said the woman with a single gunshot wound came out of the home first. They then determined the man was still inside with two children. 

"Both the children were able to get outside and several minutes later, a male with a single gunshot wound to the abdomen came outside. He was detained," Doolittle said. 

Both the man and woman were transported to the hospital. 

Neighbors say the man worked in corrections. 

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"I know that he was a corrections officer went to Roseville High School," neighbor Misty Moses said.

"I've known the man for a couple of years, I like him. Good man, correctional officer, takes care of his family," Allan said. 

A thin blue line flag is hung from the front of the house. Police have not confirmed what agency the man worked for and suggest he may have shot himself in the stomach, as the woman came out of the house first with a gunshot wound to the arm. 

Police did not confirm the relationship between the man and the woman.

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