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Placer County program encourages people to visit county's land preserves. Here's how it works.

Placer County program encourages people to enjoy county's land preserves
Placer County program encourages people to enjoy county's land preserves 02:06

PLACER COUNTY – A local group is hoping prizes will get people out and exploring Placer County. It's the perfect program to kick off summer.

The Andersons never knew just how picture-perfect their own backyard was.

"We've lived here for decades and we had no idea," Brian said.

That is until Brian, Emily and their daughters started using the Placer Land Trust's Preserve Free Passport Program. It encourages the public to get out and enjoy the county's dozens of land preserves.

"We spend a lot of time outside just in general, we just love having the girls outside and exercising and getting a good amount of sun during the summer," Emily said.

"Hey, let's get outside as much as we can. We can get some fresh air," said Tatyana Kjellberg.

Kjellberg is with the land trust and talked about their new contest in honor of National Great Outdoors Month. Take a picture and send it in. That's it. 

It just has to be at one of the 21 locations they have posted online. Visit one, win some merch. But for each additional preserve visited, you get entered to win a prize of your choice - things like gift cards, a potted tree, and more.

"If we can encourage folks and visit some of these different hikes, parks and make it fun for the kid while they're doing it, then maybe they'll want to be outside even more," Kjellberg said.

The Andersons look at the contest like a big scavenger hunt. And prize or not, their daughters get so much more.

"We really try to emphasize the love of the outdoors and why it's important to protect it. Not just enjoy it but it's also our responsibility to protect it as well," Brian said.

The contest ends on June 30.

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