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Burned Out Cars, Chemicals Dumped: Placer County Private Pasture Being Trashed

PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) - Illegal roadside dumping has been a big problem in one area of rural Placer County and now officials there are turning to social media to help reverse the trend.

A large private pasture property along Palladay Road in Placer County has been the site of cars being dumped and burned. It's also been used as a dumping site for paper, wood, plastics, motor oil, paint, and other hazardous materials, according to a Placer County Sheriff's Department statement.

Illegal roadside dumping has become an increasing problem on a large private pasture property surrounding Palladay Road in Placer County, as we receive more and more complaints from upset residents. Our deputies have seen everything from illegal off-road driving (trespassing), to stolen cars being dumped and burned. The majority of illegally dumped items include motor oil, paint and other unidentified hazardous materials. There is also discarded paper, wood, plastics, etc. The ongoing blight prompted a joint-operation last week, with our deputies teaming up with the State Department of Fish and Wildlife. The operation resulted in two citations for illegal dumping, a citation for driving with a suspended license, one citation for trespassing and driving an off-road vehicle on private property, and six additional trespassing citations. We are continuing to monitor the area in an effort to keep trespassers and illegal dumpers away. Those in violation can face a hefty citation.

Posted by Placer County Sheriff's Office on Thursday, January 24, 2019

Deputies working with personnel from the State Department of Fish and Wildlife last week issued several citations for illegal dumping, driving on a suspended license, trespassing, and driving an off-road vehicle on private land.


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