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Picture Bright For Job Seekers With MBAs In Sacramento

If you want to get the most out of your MBA – or want to get one – now is the perfect time to be in Sacramento. Lucrative opportunities are opening up in a wide variety of fields and candidates with master's degrees will definitely have a leg up on the competition.

If your degree reflects a talent for juggling large numbers, consider joining a Sacramento-based company as chief financial officer. Recent job postings for CFOs have included starting salaries which give at least six good figures to toss around.

Great job openings in Sacramento today

Having a master's degree with an accounting focus opens the door to many opportunities, as every type of organization needs financial stability to survive and thrive. Someone with an interest in public policy related to child and family issues could apply to a Sacramento firm doing consulting for human service organizations.

Other interests could come to a head if one was interested in becoming the revenue management director for the Sacramento operations of a major national brewing company. For those who can do and can teach as well, a university campus in Sacramento has been looking for an MBA adjunct professor in finance.

Several companies involved with medical devices have been recruiting for skilled MBA holders, one to be a director of marketing and another to take on the role of a supplier manager. The latter position would involve handling projects which include components of manufacturing, operations, finance and legal.

A master's degree in business administration, mental health or behavioral science is in demand in California's capital city as well, particularly for one not-for-profit organization currently seeking a chief operating officer.

Consider using your MBA to build a solid foundation for the future; a Sacramento construction firm is in need of a project manager. Or for an alternate way to get energized, apply your talents as the director of production and supply chain management for a company which produces systems for photovoltaic plants. This position offers the chance for international travel, beginning with four weeks of training in Germany.

Plenty of opportunities to earn an MBA

As the economy improves, more companies will be seeking out candidates with MBAs, and the Sacramento region also presents excellent options for those seeking to earn their degree.

The UC Davis master's program in Sacramento offers daytime courses for traditional full-time students, but also has a nationally ranked part-time option for working professionals. With classes meeting on Saturdays and weekday evenings, one can earn a degree while earning money and experience on the job.

The working professionals program is a particularly interesting pursuit, because what is learned in the classroom one night can be put into action in business the next day.

The program's benefits include the opportunity to learn from an internationally renowned faculty as well as to collaborate with the other professionals enrolled in the classes. There is flexibility to work around other business and personal commitments, and studies can be accelerated or decelerated to meet an individual's needs.

The University of Phoenix MBA program in Sacramento also offers master's degrees in disciplines including business, public administration, education, science, technology and health. Some courses are available online for added convenience.

Valerie Heimerich is a freelance writer out of Sacramento. She typically covers animals and community issues. She has volunteered and worked for many organizations helping animals and people.
Her work can be found at

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