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Parents Notified 6 Months After Accusations Against Sacramento Teacher

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Parents are outraged at a Sacramento school after learning a former teacher is accused of inappropriate behavior with a pre-schooler six months after the accusations were made.

The superintendent of Capital Christian School has he had an obligation not to tell anyone.

The allegations concern a teacher at the school in charge of an early education class. School officials call the accusation sexual in nature, and the teacher was immediately placed on administrative leave before he resigned.

"Because they were allegations at that point. There was nothing that had been proven," said Todd Jacobs.

Most parents weren't notified until this week when a letter was sent out, saying in part, "It came to our attention last October that there may have been an incident of inappropriate behavior of a sexual nature by a teacher involving a student in our early Education program."

So why weren't the parents notified six months earlier?

"We believe we were doing what we did that our actions were in support of a family in our school and also protect the rights of everyone involved," he said.

In other words, it's a personnel issues.

Charges may never be filed, as the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department says after a six-month investigation, they don't believe a crime was ever committed against a child.

"We assumed the investigation would be over a little bit more quickly than it would have seems to have been," Jacobs said.

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