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Parents concerned over Modesto sex education curriculum, attorney general responds

California attorney general addresses complaints over Modesto sex education curriculum
California attorney general addresses complaints over Modesto sex education curriculum 00:37

MODESTO — There's a battle brewing in Modesto over a sex education curriculum and whether it actually complies with California law.

The Modesto Pregnancy Center, also known as Personal Health Now, provides education to middle and high school students within the Modesto City Schools district.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta said his office has received complaints from parents that the curriculum may contain religious doctrine when it comes to the topic of abortions.

"Access to unbiased and comprehensive sexual education for students is not just a matter of choice; it is a fundamental necessity that builds a foundation of success for our children," Bonta said in a press release Monday.

We reached out to the school district, which said it has not received communication from Bonta's office but would be glad to review the curriculum.

"Our district has been in the process of reviewing this curriculum. Parents have been invited to participate in the review process and we appreciate the feedback we've received over the last several months. The review is a detailed and comprehensive process, during which parents and school and district leadership have every opportunity to make their voices heard. As with any new curriculum, we support parents' rights to make decisions that are in the best interest of their family, which includes the right to opt out of comprehensive sexual health education curriculum," - district spokesperson Sharokina Shams said.

Bonta's office said the Modesto Pregnancy Center has 20 days to respond to the letter.

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