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Paratransit: New Rental Car Service For People With Disabilities In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – As people begin traveling again post-pandemic, a rental car shortage is making rental car reservations hard to get.

Many rental companies sold off their cars during the pandemic since no one was renting them. For people living with disabilities, there is a little-known option to rent a car in Sacramento.

"A passenger in a wheelchair can ride as a passenger, as a front passenger or ride in the center," a company spokesperson said.

It's a new door-to-door service for the disabled.

Post pandemic, Sacramento's non-profit disability service, Paratransit, is entering the rental car market to give people living with disabilities a new way to get around.

"We've had families be able to go to Disneyland and other beach vacations," said Paratransit CEO Tiffani Fink.

You've seen the wheel-chair accessible buses. Now, minivans are part of the service.

"All the vehicles are ramp-equipped, so they all accommodate a wheelchair," Fink said. "Some of them include transfer chairs. We also have hand controls available."

It's a new way to get away. Paratransit offers wheelchair-accessible rentals for short-term and long-term use. The price starts at $125 a day.

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