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28-Year-Old Parachuter Dies After Colliding With Big Rig On Hwy. 99 In Acampo

ACAMPO (CBS13) — A 28-year-old female parachuter at the Lodi Parachute Center died Thursday afternoon after colliding into the back of a big rig on Highway 99 near Acampo, the California Highway Patrol Valley Division said.

Cars were backed up on southbound Highway 99 near Jahant Road after the parachuter collided with a big rig around 2 p.m. CHP said the woman hit the rear trailer of a truck-trailer combo as she was descending. After she hit the truck, she hit the roadway.

The impact killed the woman, a 28-year-old from Colombia who had taken off with six others for an afternoon of skydiving at the Lodi Parachute Center.

Gary Slaughter is a local who sees skydiving groups go out all the time. He says landing can be a challenge when it's windy.

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"It's blowing pretty good, they probably got out of control and didn't know if they could make the turn at the last minute and the wind caught them," Slaughter said.

The FAA said skydiving regulations do not address wind conditions. Their investigation will look at whether parachutes were properly packed by the appropriate person.

This is not the first incident at the skydiving center, which bills itself as one of the largest and oldest drop zones in the United States. Six people have died in just the last four years.

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One of their planes crashed into a field, but luckily, everyone on board survived.

The center also had a near-accident when an 81-year-old woman nearly slipped out of her harness during a tandem jump in 2012.

Friday, the Skydive Lodi Parachute Center released a statement on Friday about the incident:

"We are heartbroken at the recent tragedy of an experienced jumper and member of our community. It is a sorrowful time, and we are all grieving.

As experienced jumpers, we accept the risks inherent in the sport and do everything possible to minimize these risks. Unfortunately, at this time we cannot comment any further out of respect for the jumper and the jumper's family.

Our prayers go out to the family."

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