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Oregon Oil Train Derailment Revives Fears Of Benicia Plan Through Sacramento

DAVIS (CBS13) — An oil train derailment in Oregon is raising concerns a similar incident could happen in the Sacramento area if oil companies are allowed to transport through the Sacramento area.

Alessia and Angel Malchor plan to raise their baby girl in a Davis graduate apartment complex. They live just 100 yards from the tracks.

"A lot of graduate families live here and depend on this area for many things and seeing the news of the derailment is scary," Angel said.

A Valero refining company is continuing to push a proposal that would transport explosive oil on mile-long trains that would roll through Roseville, Downtown Sacramento, West Sacramento and Downtown Davis every day.

"It really is not just a local issue; it's a regional issue," said Rhonda Reed.

She's been to countless meetings in Benicia, the site of the proposed oil terminal. She's pushing for safety regulations first.

"The tracks need to be well maintained so that we don't have accidents," she said.

Many argue the fears of accidents are exaggerated, but Yolo County Supervisor Don Saylor says the smoky images are a stern reminder of what could happen.

"The federal rail administration has issued a new car safety standard but given the railroad five years to implement that standards. that puts our communities our forest and streams at tremendous risk," he said.

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