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Old Sacramento Restaurant Says Customers Are Ordering Take Out Then Eating Outside

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A restaurant owner in Old Sacramento claims customers are eating their to-go orders right outside. He says it's already cost him a phone call from Code Enforcement.

Ricardo Sibrian, the owner of Brannan Manor in Old Sacramento, says customers are ordering take-out then eating directly outside his restaurant.  Under the new regional stay-at-home order, restaurants are only allowed to do delivery and take-out, guidelines Sibrian says he is following.

"There is tables out there and people decide to sit there and I can't control what the customers want to do. We serve everything to go and if they sit there, there's nothing I can do about it," he explained.

Troy Paski is the founder of Hoppy's Railyard Kitchen. He hasn't had any issues with people dining outside his business but says he sees it a lot.

"If you walk around Old Sac there is a lot of public seating and you can see people getting food to go and sitting in places they are," he said.

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As for Sibrian, he says his hands are tied, and has no control over his customers' actions.

"You tell them hey this is to-go and you say you have to take it to-go and they are like, they get upset and they want to just sit down," he said.

Sacramento County issued the following statement Monday in regard to the outdoor dining: "To stop the rate of COVID-19 transmission, customers should not be sitting in the indoor or outdoor dining areas due to the risk of gathering and mixing of households. The Sacramento County Environmental Management Department (EMD) has instructed restaurants to educate their customers that the food is for takeout and not to be consumed onsite."

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