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Sheriff's Department Releases Footage Of Officer-Involved Shooting In Natomas FoodMaxx

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento Sheriff's Department released new footage from an officer-involved shooting in a Natomas Parking lot last week.

The sheriff's department 11-minute informational video about the incident featuring commentary from spokesmen from the department to explain the events of the incident and the deputies' actions.

The incident started on Dec. 17 when deputies located a man in connection with an armed carjacking and attempted armed carjacking from two days earlier in Elk Grove.

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Elk Grove Police previously identified the suspect as 42-year-old Travis York of Sacramento. York was also a wanted parolee at large. Detectives in Elk Grove secured a million dollar Ramey Warrant for York's arrest.

Travis York (Sacramento Sheriff's Department)

Sheriff's spokesperson Shaun Hampton said York had several prior convictions for charges including vehicle theft, robbery, burglary, and weapon possession. He was also sentenced to nine years in prison for burglary in 2010, Hampton said.

On the 17th, two sheriff's deputies located the suspect riding as a passenger in the area of Truxel Road and Interstate 80. A woman was driving the vehicle.

Deputies and an unmarked detective vehicle followed the car into a shopping center in the 3200 block of Truxel Road and shortly after an officer-involved shooting occurred.

Major Incident Public Briefing 18-446660 OIS - Raw (in-car camera) by Sacramento Sheriff Media Bureau on YouTube

Officers identified York as potentially "armed and dangerous" upon entering the parking lot. The vehicle York was in abruptly stopped in the middle of a parking aisle and York exited the car, walking quickly toward the detective vehicle.

The driver then parked the vehicle in a nearby parking space.

Surveillance footage from the FoodMaxx shows the suspect nearing officers. A deputy yells, "Show me your hands."

Hampton said the deputy and detective took multiple factors into consideration. First, they knew the suspect was armed and had seen his firearm as he exited the vehicle. But, it was unclear if York had multiple firearms.

Second, York had made statements during a traffic stop in Elk Grove a couple of days before that he was "not going back to prison"

The suspect had also shown a propensity for violence. Hampton said the deputies also feared that if the suspect got back to the vehicle, he could harm the female driver.

Major Incident Public Briefing 18-446660 OIS - Raw (Food Max) by Sacramento Sheriff Media Bureau on YouTube

The officers gave several verbal commands to show his hands. As they approached, Hampton said the suspect reached for his firearm in his waistband.

Both the deputy and the detective, taking the factors and their own safety into account, fired at the suspect. The suspect did not stop moving after being struck by the initial multiple gunshots. He was then struck by additional gunfire.

Radio traffic from the officers then reveals that the suspect was still breathing after he went down from the gunshots.

Additional units from the Sacramento Sheriff's Department, firefighters, and the Sacramento Police Department responded to the scene and took the female driver into custody.

Officials recovered a loaded semi-automatic handgun from the suspect and said he had a weapon holster on his waistband. A woman he was with was detained for questioning.

Deputies and responding firefighters provided medical care to the suspect but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

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