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Officers shoot at woman suspected in Rancho Cordova break-in

Suspect shot by police in Rancho Cordova charged with assault
Suspect shot by police in Rancho Cordova charged with assault 00:30

RANCHO CORDOVA - The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a woman who was trying to break into a home was shot at by police.

Sergeant Amar Gandhi with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office said the Rancho Cordova Police Department got a call about a woman with a butcher knife trying to break into a home on Augibi Way.

Three officers responded and confronted the suspect, later identified as Kyrieanna Liles, who was sitting in a parked car on Malaga Way when they arrived. Two of the officers fired their guns at her.

Little is unknown about what the confrontation looked like before the officer-involved shooting happened. Sgt. Gandhi said they are still investigating if the woman threatened police at all, either with a knife or any other type of weapon.

She then led police on a chase before surrendering near the Matherfield Sac RT Light Rail Station, just a few blocks from the initial scene.

"There was like basically 30 police officers right here pointing their gun at a white challenger," said Melliflours Lyuea, a security guard who witnessed the suspect get taken into custody.

The car the suspect was driving was battered with at least four bullet holes.

"I am kind of used to it. There is always stuff happening, especially in Matherfield," said Lyuea. "It is kind of chaotic over here."

So how do officers decide when to shoot when confronting a suspect? Sgt. Gandhi said the other person's actions dictates theirs.

"I can tell you right now on my best day and your worst day, if you have a knife you can close that distance within seven yards before I can even have a gun out," said Sgt. Gandhi."People with that will to commit the violence will commit that violence they don't necessarily need a gun to commit that violence."

Neighbors told CBS13 they heard at least four or five gunshots. There were casings on the ground of the Malaga Way.

"Just because you are shot doesn't mean that the threat stops, they are going to make sure they are safe and the community is," said Sgt. Gandhi.

The suspect's arm was bleeding, but it is unclear if she was hit with any of the bullets. This is still part of the investigation.

Sgt. Gandhi said Liles was known by police, but did not have any details on a possible record. 

She was booked into jail for an attempted murder charge, but those charges were changed to great bodily injury at a police officer in the line of duty during a court appearance on Wednesday. 

They believe she may have lived in the area.

CBS13 knocked on the door of the home where the attempted break in happened. Everyone inside was ok and they could not tell us if they had seen the suspect prior to this.

Sgt. Gandhi said Rancho Cordova contracts its police officers with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Office, so the officers who shot are also considered Sac Sheriff Deputies.

The Rancho Cordova Police officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave as they investigate.

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