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Occupy Message Carved Into Vacaville Hillside

VACAVILLE (CBS13) -- The Occupy movement isn't just restricted to streets or city parks.

It's message is carved into the hillside over Interstate 80 in Vacaville. When the sun is up, it's clear as day.

It's occupying a space that 161,000 drivers pass each day. The word "OCCUPY" with a peace sign for the O spelled out on a 30-yard section of a Vacaville hill by I-80 and Merchant Street.

The message, part of the national movement against growing financial disparity, comes in a county that ranks second in the nation in foreclosed homes.

"And so that message has gone through loud and clear for a lot of people in Vacaville because there's a lot of foreclosures right here," Vacaville resident John Stanley told CBS13.

But another resident wasn't so sure.

"I don't know if that's the way to do it," she said. "But if it's getting politicians' attention, so they're talking about it, maybe doing something to solving it, that's a good thing."

People who manage the land, which is for sale, told CBS13 they don't know who carved "OCCUPY" into the hill and that it's a case of vandalism.

"It could be considered distracting to the drivers on the freeway," Vacaville resident Dave Hamrick said.

But Caltrans said it won't remove the wording because although it's visible from the freeway, it's outside their jurisdiction.

Last year, the agency received a lot of criticism for destroying another political message, a mural of the American flag overlooking Interstate 680. Caltrans said that message was inside its jurisdiction.

Occupy Vacaville. A movement that is not only fighting an uphill battle against the establishment, it's now staked its claim on the hillside.

And there's no sign that this message will be removed.

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