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Couple Turns Baby's Death Into Healing For Fellow Families

NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) - Baby Norah was born 5 and a half pounds and about a month too soon.

"Everything special about Norah is in this box and in our hearts," her mother Candace Wilson said while fighting back tears.

Following multiple complications, Norah passed after only 15 days.

"We were in the NICU with her every single day," she said:

Candace and her husband struggled in their time at the hospital and they weren't alone, Norah's was one of 65 beds in the NICU.

"When Richard and I left the hospital that night, when Norah went to heaven, we just felt this deep responsibility to help take care of all those families that we were leaving behind," she said.

Through grief and tears and the smiles from Norah's older brother, their family is getting through it.

"He was our happy place. If we didn't have him I don't know where we'd be today," Richard said.

Months after she tragically passed, Candace and Richard managed to start the Norah Foundation to help alleviate immediate stress for other families.

"You don't know where you're going to be staying, you don't know where you're going to be eating your meals,' Candace said.

In just weeks of spearheading The Norah Foundation, the Wilson's raised $30,000 and began receiving love from around the world with a #TeamNorah.

"I know for sure she's in heaven looking down on us and thinking, 'Good job guys, keep going,'" she said.

It doesn't mean the hurt is any less, but they say their daughter has a greater purpose.

"Sometimes a moment is a lifetime and that's something that sticks with me a lot when I think of Norah," said Candace.

With the help of her loving parents, Norah's name and legacy will live on in more than just their memories.

The Norah Foundation is kicking off the New Year with a New Year's Eve ball. It's a pink tie event. They hope to continue raising money to help many more families in need.

For more information and how to help or to show your support, click here..

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