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New Food Truck Court Coming Soon To Modesto

MODESTO (CBS13) — A local developer is working to spice up the downtown scene in Modesto by providing people with more things to do and eat.

Work is underway on the city's first-ever food truck court which will be located next to the future site of Stanislaus County's new courthouse.

Emilio Martinez spends a lot of time exploring downtown. His favorite hobby is checking out what local restaurants have to offer.

"I am a foodie in the sense that I like food, and I want downtown Modesto to be an attractive place for dining and entertainment, and you know we're getting there," he said.

Owners of Modesto Grub Hubs, located on 9th and G Street, are working to bring downtown more opportunities. They are turning their empty lot into a food truck court, giving visitors many choices when it comes to dining.

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"We're thrilled. We think it's a great idea," said Jennifer Mullen with Visit Modesto. "We love the fact that food trucks bring a great variety of food all in one location and it can become festive and a fun area. We know visitors around the state are used to going to food trucks, it's certainly a popular thing."

The property owners say the lot will be filled with 17 food trucks at first, each serving different types of meals, but the lot has room for more.

"I think it helps revitalize downtown for the places that aren't developed now -- especially as close to the freeway and downtown, you're going to find more excitement and interest...with this kind of venue," said developer Greg Reed.

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Community leaders said it's too early to tell if the new food court will have an impact on existing food trucks and other restaurants. For now, they are welcoming the project with open arms.

"I definitely want our visitors to continue to go to the restaurants, but I think it will be a nice addition," she said.

Property owners are hoping to have the business ready by January 2019.

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