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New Details Emerge Regarding Plans For New Arena

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- Today, we're getting new details about the new arena Sacramento needs to build.  The plan is to make it bigger than Power Balance Pavilion, and smaller than the Staples Center.  The Mayor of Sacramento met with regional leaders and the arena developer Friday.

"InSacramento, you're talking about a 650,000 square foot facility, where in LA orChicagoorNew Yorkis might be 800,000 square feet," says Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Mayor Johnson saysSacramentoneeds an arena that makes sense for a smaller market, but it has to be bigger than Power Balance Pavilion by about 200,000 square feet.  The design, location and cost are still being analyzed by local developer David Taylor.

Taylor's team isn't speaking to reporters for at least another month as the arena plan is completed, but he did talk to 30 regional leaders who came toSacramentofor the second time in two weeks, for an update on the effort to keep the Kings.

"David Taylor did a great job; this guy is good at what he does.  He said look, I have a proven record and I know how to get it done," explained Mayor Johnson.

Elk Grove Mayor Steve Detrick says he walked away feeling more positive about keeping the team, even though an arena financing plan wasn't discussed and if he's asked to pitch in, he says he'd go to voters first.

"Let them make the decision, because I don't think it's appropriate as an elected official to put the burden on them without them having input," says Mayor Detrick.

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