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Netflix Takes Viewers Inside Sacramento County Jail

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Life inside the Sacramento County Jail is on full display, just released on Netflix called "Jailbirds."

"It's better than like the reality TV of the Kardashians," Megan Hawkins, one of the inmates featured in the show, said.

Netflix is giving you a look into the lives of inmates and it sounds like it wasn't too hard to get their stars to sign-up.

"I was like absolutely not so they just had to talk to me for like five minutes. You like my tattoos? You think I'm pretty? Okay," Megan said.

Megan Hawkins

Megan Hawkins is known as on the show as Monster. She says nothing is being played up for the cameras. The documentary shows exactly what's like to be locked up,

"You're caged like an animal. It's really what it is," Megan said.

But she gets it. She understands why people are so interested in this world.

"Society likes excitement. The good and the bad," Megan said.

Megan says people have been calling her nonstop since the trailer was released. She says watching the episodes back has been difficult. Megan gets in trouble a few minutes into the first episodes, but seeing her life play out on tv, she says she wants things to be different.

"I can't thank them enough for wanting to talk to me because it's helped changed my life," Megan said.

Now, she wants to help stop others from making the same decisions she made.

"I want so badly to be happy again. and I feel like it's so far away," Megan said.

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