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'Something Like This Shouldn't Happen': Neighbors Rattled After Shooting Victim Crashes Through Stockton Yard

STOCKTON (CBS13) – People in Stockton were left picking up the pieces after a driver plowed through their yard last night. The driver had been shot, then crashed and didn't survive.

Piecing the side of the house back together, it was quite a bit of cleanup at Alberta Gutierrez's home in Stockton.

"He went around like this real fast, jumped and he went on the lawn over there, and then from the lawn, he went around and to the backyard," she said.

It was just a regular Saturday evening on the quiet cul de sac off Prentiss Court near Plymouth Road. Neighbors rushed in to see what was going on.

"He went under this car and I guess his foot was stuck on the gas pedal and the tires were just spinning," Derrick Gutierrez said.

Stockton police say the driver - a 58-year-old man – had been shot. Crews rushed him to the hospital, but he died from his injuries. We talked with one man who says he worked with the victim in construction for 25 years - describing him as a nice man and a father of two grown sons.

"He taught me everything I know," the man said. "The world's just gone to hell man."

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"It's sad, it's heartbreaking. I don't think it's anything else, it's sad that people are coming to this," Derrick Gutierrez said.

It's a tight-knit neighborhood reeling from such a scene, but coming together.

"I feel sorry for the people and stuff like that," Derrick Gutierrez said. "Something like this shouldn't happen."

Stockton police haven't released the name of the victim, and they don't have a suspect or motive. They're hoping witnesses will come forward as investigators try to figure out what lead up to the shooting in the first place.

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