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Neighbors Complain Of A Pooping Jogger in Lodi

LODI (CBS13) — Neighbors in Lodi are shocked to hear about a jogger who used her neighbor's lawn as her personal bathroom early Saturday morning.

One neighbor said he wasn't pleased to hear about this happening.

"On somebody's lawn? Especially where kids play, that's ridiculous!" the neighbor said.

Lodi Police say the woman was on her morning jog on Corinth Avenue when she stopped behind a bush on her neighbor's front lawn and was caught on camera doing her business.

"Somebody had come in with a video of somebody defecating in a front yard and they basically said, they just wanted us to go talk to her, to prevent that from happening in the future," said Michael Hitchcock with Lodi Police.

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The video was sent around social media. CBS13 spoke with the woman whose property this incident happened on, but she didn't want to speak on camera. She said the jogger came back and cleaned up the mess she left behind.

Paola Maciel lives on Corinth Avenue.

"That's really nasty, I just had no idea," Maciel said. "This neighborhood is so quiet and nothing goes on, and it's wild that something like that happened."

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Other neighbors CBS13 spoke with said they feel sorry for the jogger. They don't feel like this video should have been sent around their community. They said, sometimes you just have to go.

"It's common when you are a marathon runner that sometimes you do, have to go."

Police say they spoke with the jogger and gave her a warning, but she wasn't formally charged. Police say she apologized and promised to not do this again.

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