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Neglected Cats Get Second Chance At Life

LINCOLN (CBS13) – Champy the cat is vivacious and full of life. But what you don't know is Champy can't see.

The feline is one of 60 cats taken in by the Fieldhaven Feline Rescue in Lincoln.

"These cats were in a very neglected and overcrowded situation," said Joy Smith, president of the center.

Smith says the homeowner reached out to them for help because cats were everywhere. Many were suffering from eye infections.

"It's going to cost us $25-30,000 to care for these cats – and that includes some pretty significant eye surgeries," Joy said.

Natalie Mark, the rescue's animal care coordinator, says several of the cats will lose their eyesight.

"It breaks my heart. It's very hard to see little guys like this. I mean, some of them are in pain, absolutely in pain," Mark said. "It's hard to know we're treating some of these guys and they could have been helped."

But despite their handicap, the rescue says the kitties should be able to live a normal life.

"They are so sweet they are so affectionate, but yet they don't seem to know. They don't seem to notice they have eyes missing," Natalie said.

With 4,000 cats adopted since the rescue opened in 2003, Smith hopes Champy is 4,001.

"So many times, situations like this, you'll get cats coming from the overcrowded situation [and] they have not been socialized properly. [But] these cats are loving," Joy said.

A few of the cats are up for adoption now. The remaining will be available when the surgeries are complete.

If you are interested in adopting one of the cats, head to the rescue's website for more information:

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