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Natomas Wells Fargo Bank Left Unlocked For 48 Hours

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Natomas Wells Fargo Bank that closed for business on Saturday was left unlocked for 48 hours until a customer noticed it and called police.

The Wells Fargo on Arena Boulevard is certainly no Fort Knox.

"That's kind of ridiculous," Lafayette Azevedo said. "I would say that's a big mistake."

So far, no one's talking about who's at fault. The branch manager showed up with a police officer but declined to talk with us. The corporate office also didn't offer an immediate response, but someone's got some explaining to do.

"Thinking they could jump over the counter and there's money to be had," Azevedo said.

Banks are known for their security. After all, they do have hundreds of thousands of dollars coming and going. Who would ever think they'd leave their doors unlocked? Apparently not even the bad guys. It didn't look like anything inside was missing.

But that's not helping the confidence of customers.

"That would be very scary and I might think about moving my money," Carinda Gordon said.

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