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Nate Goodyear: What's The Deal With Dissing Terrelle Pryor?

Two weeks ago, the Cleveland Browns fell to 0-12 on the season after getting beaten by the New York Giants. Terrelle Pryor has had a pretty good season at wide receiver for a hapless Cleveland team, but struggled against the coverage of Giants' cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Afterwards, Jenkins took to Twitter in a (now-deleted) series of tweets that continued his verbal tirade, including this gem:


Pryor, for his part, took the high road in responding to Jenkins, and it seemed like that would be the end of it.

Not so!

After a bye week, the winless Browns faced the Cincinnati Bengals - and for some reason, Bengals corner Pacman Jones (yeah, this Pacman Jones) decided he'd get in on the action (courtesy of ESPN, via WXIX Cincinnati):

So... Why's everyone so upset with Terrelle Pryor? Without knowing what's said in between the lines, it appears as though Pryor has little interest in these petty squabbles - but, two games in a row, here we are.

Jones and Jenkins may be correct in their assessments of Pryor (though I'm not expecting either of those guys to get front office jobs after retirement), but the point is, what's the sport in going after a wide receiver on the worst team in the league?

I'm not here to silence Jones or Jenkins - hell, the NFL is more fun when these kinds of beefs happen - but it doesn't mean that Pryor and the Browns aren't low-hanging fruit.

For Jenkins and Jones: You don't get bonus points for meeting expectations. The Browns stink and nobody says otherwise. If you wanna clown on someone, punch upward.

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