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Nate, Cory, and Jason Ross Show - August 3rd, 2015


Major League Baseball is in full swing after the trade deadline. The Blue Jays and the Royals got in a scuffle. Josh Donaldson was called a baby, and the Blue Jays won 3 of 4. The Giants have a dilemma, who makes the squad if they were to make the playoffs. Tim Hudson or Tim Lincecum? Ronda Rousey completely destroyed her opponent this weekend and has become the most dominant athlete on the planet. Who were the most dominant athletes in your era? That is our LIST today. John Daly thinks it would be fun to be the Ryder Cup captain. So do we!!!!!!! Tiger Woods had a decent weekend, can he make the playoffs, has he found his swing, what is the future for Tiger? All this and more on the ROSS FAMILY!!

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